Sunday, 20 July 2014

Post #3 - The 5 brushes everyone needs!


Today I thought I would go through the 5 brushes I believe every man or woman should in their makeup collection! I have included high end and high street / drugstore brushes for all brushes apart from one.

So let's get started ...

This is my favourite brush for foundation. I have the Zoeva one and I use it pretty much every single day. It gives me a high coverage plus it is a very quick way of blending in your foundation. I have a post coming up soon on this so watch out for it.
This is the only brush I don't have a high street version because there is not a single brush that comes close to the mac. this is great for filling in eyebrows, especially when you do it in little brush strokes as it create the illusion of eyebrow hairs. Also this is my favourite brush in the whole wide world for creating winged eyeliner. I couldn't live without this brush! 
(Zoeva do do a version called 371 but it is isn't as dense and not as easy to use but with practise and if on a budget this is the best alternative)
A blending brush for any smokey eye is essential and these brushes are the way to go! The Mac 217 is probably one of the most famous brushes around and with good reason. It is the best brush for blending out harsh lines on eye looks. Also I have notice that YouTuber's such as Tanya Burr have been using a fluffy brush like this to blend out con clear. The Mac is the best one but Zoeva do a great dupe it is just a little bit more scratchy.
Everyone need a powder brush, whether for just powdering the face to set or for a gentle all over use of bronzer, it is a must! My personal favourites are the two above but many companies do them and they are one of the only brushes that most brands do!
When applying a base colour to the lid you want it to be intense and dense. These are the best brushes for this effect. As they are flat they pack on the colour to the lid giving you the best colour pay off.

So there are my 5 brushes I believe everyone should own! Comment below if you own any or you know any others I should try!
Love Ella <3

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