Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Post #4 - Elegant Touch All Sorts Review!


Fake nails is something I have never really ventured into. I love painting my nails and almost have to as I will bite them with out nail polish on, another weird fact about me, but I have never thought of wearing fake nails. 

I was in Tesco's and saw a pack of elegant touch nails and thought maybe I should try them? I had a concert the next day and I had really chipped nail varnish, no time to paint them and need something I could do on the go, so I picked them up. 

Honestly I have mixed views, they are lovely patterned nails (my favourite is the one with horizontal stripes) and they have good staying power but the instructions where quite brief and honestly it was more guessing how to apply them then a step tp step guide. Also the adhesive tabs where quite long and i learn the hard way that you were meant to cut them to your nail size as everything, and I mean EVERYTHING stuck to my nails making me look a bit grotty!

Overall I would buy again as the product was good but think they should make it a lot clearer on how to use them because not everyone is a fake nail expert e.g. me!

What do you think about fake nails? Love or Loathe? Let me know in the comments! Also please check out my blog it's EllaHemming.Blogspot.co.uk 
Love Ella <3

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